In loving memory of Lana Tereschenko

Every day I think of Svetlana and Brian

Every day I cycle past the Bow roundabout on the way to work. I go over the Bow Flyover, as over the years I have been knocked off my bike twice on the roundabout. It is a really horrible place for cyclists to have to endure.

Every day I think of Svetlana and Brian, and wish their families well. Words cannot express how bitter I feel about the terrible conditions that killed these two. When I saw their families at the vigil I cried, to think how we allow this slaughter of people who just want to cycle and enjoy life.

I would like to see drivers lose their licences for good, or for five years, for killing or maiming other road users. We need to stop the madness.

Please pass my deep sympathy to Svetlana’s mum and her family.