In loving memory of Lana Tereschenko

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It was in the wake of a recent accident

It was in the wake of a recent accident Involving a young French cyclist last Friday, that I found this very sad and tragic story of Svetlana. Although I didn’t know her this has truly touch my heart and from comments by her friends I truly wished I did RIP forever young x

We love and remember you our wonderful friend

Today she would turn 36. And today she is still with us in our memory and in our hearts young and beautiful and always will be! We love and remember you our wonderful friend!

Friendship is not something that is written on paper

Friendship is not something that is written on paper, because paper can be torn. It is neither something that can be written on a rock, for even a rock can break. But it is written on the heart of a person, and it stays there forever. Birthday wishes and blessings are coming your way, my friend! Happy Birthday to a special friend!

Whom is looking down on all of us RIP & Never forgotten

As a cyclist & someone who knew lana,more through my wife Debs, last year was a complete SHOCK…I always remember lana’s smile and CAN DO look on life 🙂 The thought that this tragic incident could AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED makes this even more sad…but I believe that if whenever you think of lana you smile then ONE OF GODS ANGELS has touched you by being in your presence and that should be rejoiced & remembered In loving memory of LANA, whom is looking down on all of us RIP & Never forgotten.

Every day I think of Svetlana and Brian

Every day I cycle past the Bow roundabout on the way to work. I go over the Bow Flyover, as over the years I have been knocked off my bike twice on the roundabout. It is a really horrible place for cyclists to have to endure. Every day I think of Svetlana and Brian, and wish their families well. Words cannot express how bitter I feel about the terrible conditions that killed these two. When I saw their families at the vigil I cried, to think how we allow this slaughter of people who just want to cycle and enjoy life. I would like to see drivers lose their licences for good, or for five years, for killing or maiming other road users. We need to stop the madness. Please pass my deep sympathy to Svetlana’s mum and her family.

I miss you a lot my lovely friend

To Dear Lana …I miss you a lot my lovely friend…Miss your smile, your kind words, miss your complains =)..miss our fun at work at Gracechurch ..I AM SO GLAD I knew you and we could be together at my leaving party just few days before tragedy had happened.. and could have some last fun together with drinking shots which you really didn’t like and laughing a lot=))it makes me always smile=)… …you always gonna be loved and kept in our hearts =*…I wish so much you could be here with us but God had some other plans..Tears are coming but Ill try to be brave as I know you are always with us=)…x Your Slovakian friend x

A year passed so quickly

A year passed so quickly and not a day passed without Lana’s absence being deeply felt and mourned by all who knew and loved her. Remembrance day means we certainly can never and will never forget our dynamic, beautiful, gifted friend. This could be so clearly seen at her grave on sunday where the mountain of beautiful bouquets and cards showed a tiny measure of the huge love of friends and family for our Lana. Loved and cherished always.

I never met Svitlana but her death saddens me greatly

I never met Svitlana but her death saddens me greatly. It should never have happened. She will be remembered by cyclists like me as well as all her friends and family. Let’s work to educate lorry drivers, enforce better safty measures and make cycling in London safer. My condolences to all Svitlana’s family and friends.

So sad to read about this terrible unnecessary loss

So sad to read about this terrible unnecessary loss. I sign every cycling petition that comes my way to make cycling safer in London. I cycle twice a week to a class in Wandsworth and the roundabout has been well designed to accommodate bicycles–very safe IF the lorry, bus and SUV drivers are paying attention. Someday soon I do hope London will be a safer place for cyclists. It will benefit everyone who lives here.

Today was a beautiful and amazingly peaceful autumn day

Today is 1 year from the day you were taken from us by careless driver in a old lorry without proper mirrors. Today was a beautiful and amazingly peaceful autumn day. People who came to your grave and to the Bow Roundabout, your family and friends remembered you, what a wonderful person you were and how you are still a part of our memories, still alive in our hearts. It was amazing to meet two wonderful people from Cycling Campaign Keith and Gerry who actually without knowing you when you were with us now are taking care of the Memorial Bike which Keith made and fixed at Bow Roundabout where you died. You touched so many hearts and lives when you were here and you keep touching our souls even when you are there. This is the way you have always been. You will always be with us and we will always love and remember you our beautiful friend!

All the inspiration and all the precious moments

Svetik, it s been a year since you left us my dear friend, But I still cannot fully comprehend that you are no longer with us, in this world. You changed my life, you made me look at this life and world differently. You will always be alive in my heart Svetik, you will always be here with me, alive and happy, always smiling and seeing only the best in things and people around you. I will always remember days we spent with you in British Museum drawing, I will remember all the walks we walked together, and all the trips we traveled together. You were always there for me, and you still are. Thank you for all the inspiration and all the precious moments you gave me, I love you, love you much.

It’s been a year now

It’s been a year now….. She will stay with us forever, let’s always keep this site online and update it regularly. Many thanks to all of you who posted here and/or on the Facebook page.

Sharing Memories

If you have memories of Lana that you want to share with others, please post in this memorial book. Thank you.