In loving memory of Lana Tereschenko

Today was a beautiful and amazingly peaceful autumn day

Today is 1 year from the day you were taken from us by careless driver in a old lorry without proper mirrors. Today was a beautiful and amazingly peaceful autumn day. People who came to your grave and to the Bow Roundabout, your family and friends remembered you, what a wonderful person you were and how you are still a part of our memories, still alive in our hearts. It was amazing to meet two wonderful people from Cycling Campaign Keith and Gerry who actually without knowing you when you were with us now are taking care of the Memorial Bike which Keith made and fixed at Bow Roundabout where you died. You touched so many hearts and lives when you were here and you keep touching our souls even when you are there. This is the way you have always been. You will always be with us and we will always love and remember you our beautiful friend!