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Lana Tereschenko



This website is a tribute to the memory of our dearest friend Lana (Svitlana) Tereschenko who was one of best people we knew. Very bright, beautiful, intelligent and spiritual person. We still can't come to terms that she is not among us any longer. Terrible road accident took her away from us and we still feel an empty space in our souls.

Lana, Sveta, Svitlana, numerous friends used to call her different names, always dreamt about moving to England and in 2002 her dream came true when she finally left Ukraine and unfinished Art education to pursue her English dream. She leant English to become fluent; she managed to survive all the challenges that a single, penniless girl might have on her way, with countless jobs behind her back, but with even more plans for the future. She loved English culture and everything that England had to offer her, she loved studying and never stopped challenging herself. She completed MBA and was considering doing a PhD.

She was a very spiritual person who just started discovering Buddhism and visiting Tibet was on the list for her future life adventures. She was the person who always had so much on her mind, she was a dreamer. Her dreams would all come true because she worked extremely hard on achieving them all. She was a person who was inspiring everyone with her energy, creativity and enthusiasm. She has never complained about anything: at times she would have three jobs as well as school, but would always have time for a coffee and a little chat in central café (Starbucks was her favorite). She was someone who would always look at bright side of things and someone who would never show her weaknesses and vulnerabilities to the world. Underneath it all, she was the most vulnerable person, with some fundamental questions about our world, and humanity. She was on her way to find these answers, and it is certain she will find them wherever she is right now.

We will always remember her and she will live in our hearts forever.